What are the differences between your finishes?

RAW UNFINISHED BRASS - Unsealed brass that we hand brush/polish. Markings may be visible on some pieces due to the machining or spinning of the brass. No plated brass or lacquered brass will be used in any of our products. This brass will develop a nice organic patina over time. One of our favorites!

RAW UNFINISHED STEEL - Unsealed raw steel is lightly polished but kept more in its organic state. Some rust and patina are visible. We love the rustic and cold industrial tone it has.

BLACKENED BRASS - We use raw unfinished brass and hand brush it. From there, we apply coats of oxidizing finish until we achieve the dark smoked look we are aiming for. This process is time consuming but so worth the beautiful outcome!

POWDER COATING - Flat or Gloss, our powder coating is done locally and professionally. Epoxy powders are applied and baked on to form a protective barrier and flawless looking finish. The look is amazing and we have tons of finishes to choose from.

POLISHED NICKEL - This finish is shiny and gloss-like. Mirror-like finish.

COPPER - This finish is brushed, raw copper. COPPER PLATE: Mirror-like finish with a rich copper/rust color. Some of our copper finishes are raw and will patina over time.

*All finishes are detailed in all listings.

Look here for some of our finishes: https://triplesevenhome.com/finishes/



Do you offer wholesale or design trade discounts?

We price our pieces as fair and as reasonably as we possibly can. That being said, we do love working with architects, designers and people of the trade.

Please email us at info@triplesevenhome.com to get our Trade Information Packet.


Do you accept custom orders?

We gladly accept custom orders, we will work with you any way we can to customize something you're looking for!


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Please see our Terms & Conditions for lead times and shipping schedules.

In some cases, orders with quantities over 10+ lights will take longer than regular lead times.  Please check with us for current leads.

We do offer a rush option. The cost of rush is 20% of your order (minus shipping). This rush option puts you at a 7-10 day turn around time. Please note, the rush option does not mean rush transit time with shipping carrier Fedex. If you would like expedited shipping as well, please let us know so that we can get a quote for you.


What if there is a problem with my order? Do you accept returns?

Please see our Terms & Conditions for information on damages shipments and refunds.


Can I add a dimmer to my light fixture?

Today's dimmers work for every kind of light source, though you need to know what to ask for. A 120-volt incandescent or halogen light source will need an incandescent dimmer, while low-voltage and fluorescent fixtures require their own compatible dimmers. Occasionally, dimmed bulbs will buzz as the filament vibrates. Switching to a lower-watt bulb (which has a smaller filament) should reduce or even eliminate the noise. Please check with a licensed electrician beforehand.