Terms & Conditions

-Trademarks and Branding-

The images/photos on this site, Triple Seven Home  product configurations, and the Triple Seven Home brand are not to be used without permission. © 2017 Triple Seven Home, LLC. All rights reserved


Triple Seven Home, LLC., locally sources materials and thrives on supporting other family/small owned and operated companies for our materials.  Having a close relationship with our vendors allows us to keep our quality control top notch and continue to make sure that they are of the highest quality goods. Our lights can be found in many locations from Florida to France, residential homes to hotels and restaurants. Since our lighting is made by hand, there can be some slight variations from computer screens.  While we try to capture the best images possible, there can be some slight color difference.


-UL Certification-

All Triple Seven Home surface mounted fixtures are UL Certified for both the USA and Canada.  You can find more info here .


Triple Seven Home is proud to offer a 1-year warranty for all lighting.  Our 1-year warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the fixture itself.  The 1 year warranty does not extend to secondary charges such as contractor or electrician fees. The determination of whether to repair or replace a fixture will be made by Triple Seven Home at our discretion. Any approved repair work must be performed by  Triple Seven Home at our studio or an authorized representative of Triple Seven Home on site. Any unauthorized repairs or modifications will void this warranty entirely. Incorrect installation or failure to follow our care instructions will void this warranty entirely. This warranty -does not- cover damages from: cutting wires prior to installation,  accidental glass breaking, weathering/environment, misuse, or normal wear and tear.


Triple Seven Home, guarantees to the original purchaser that, at the time of delivery, our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Triple Seven Home, LLC., is not liable for any damages caused to fixtures related to mis-handling or inexperience with installation. Fixtures should always be installed by a licensed electrician. Follow instructions for proper bulb sizes and wattage.

-International Lighting-

All lights, with the exception of some chandeliers, are rated 110-240 volts.  The threaded Medium bases we use in the States are E26. E for Edison Screw, 26 for the width in mm. In the UK/Europe – E27 is used, which is just about the same diameter and thread pitch, but is a bit taller (one more thread). Usually US bulbs will fit UK sockets and vice versa, but this is not always the case. We have had no issues with bulb/sockets, but it is up to the customer to inquire about installation and what will work best in your country.  If you are purchasing a light from us, we will use North American plugs. You can have an electrician remove it once you receive it or buy an adapter at any hardware store to easily install a plug for your needs.


Triple Seven Home is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Information obtained for the use of business will never be shared.

Policy Changes

Triple Seven Home  LLC., may, from time to time, update this policy and listings. Notice of material changes or changes to our privacy practices will be posted at this site. We encourage you to periodically review these terms and conditions in order to keep apprised of our current terms and conditions. © 2017 Triple Seven Home, LLC.